Participation in the Vermont Standard Offer Program by Vermont’s Farmers


Vermonters appreciate and value the contribution to our communities by Vermont’s Farmers.  The Vermont Legislature included special provisions for farmers in the laws governing the Standard Offer Program.  A summary of these special provisions follows:

Farm Methane projects can receive a 20 year Standard Offer Contract at any time by contacting the Standard Offer Facilitator.   There are no limits on the number of Farm Methane Projects that can receive Standard Offer Contracts. (Note: farm methane projects must still be permitted under Section 248.)

Farm Methane projects do not have to participate in the annual reverse auction process to get a rate.  Farm Methane Projects will receive the following rates:

           For projects larger than 150 kW - $0.145/kWh

           For projects 150 kW or smaller - $0.199/kWh

The Vermont Public Utility Commission issued Order dated 3/16/2018, pursuant to 30 V.S.A. § 8005a(f)(2), which determines the avoided costs that will serve as the prices for farm methane projects under the Standard Offer Program.

Farm Methane projects are unique in the Standard Offer Program in that the Renewable Credits (RECs) accrue to the farmer and not to the Vermont Utilities.  The farmers can choose to sell their RECs to utilities in the ISO New England service territory (including Vermont) and recognize an additional revenue stream.

For more information, please call VEPP Inc.  802-362-0748, Option 1.