Standard Offer Contract Requirements


The following requirements must be satisfied in order to be eligible to receive a Standard Offer contract:


  1. Proposal Security of $10/kW
  2. Completed RFP Bid Form
  3. All RFP requirements and attachments (site control, site map, etc.)


Proponents notified that they are part of the award group must also satisfy the following items:


Within 5 business days of award notification:

  • Fee and Deposit - A non-refundable check for the $200 Administrative Fee and a separate check for the Refundable Deposit Fee of $15/kW.

Within 10 business days of award notification:

  • Interconnection Application - File an interconnection application with your interconnecting utility.  After a ten business-day review period by the interconnecting utility, VEPP Inc. will confirm with the utility that your application has been deemed complete.  If the application is incomplete, you will have ten business days to file the necessary additional information with the interconnecting utility.
  • FERC Form No 556 - File Form No. 556 at: in order to obtain Qualifying Facility status.  Forward a copy of the completed Form No. 556 and the FERC “Acceptance for Filing” email confirmation to VEPP Inc. to be included as Attachment D to your Standard Offer Contract.  Pursuant to 18 C.F.R. § 292.207(a)(ii), you are required to provide a copy of your Form No. 556 filing to the Vermont Public Service Board and your interconnecting utility.