VEPP Inc. is a not-for-profit Vermont corporation that administers two of Vermont’s Renewable Energy Programs under contract with the Vermont Public Utility Commission. 

VEPP Inc. was started in 1994 as a collaboration between independent power producers and the Vermont utilities.  VEPP Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of four Vermont utility executives, four independent power producers and three public directors.  The public directors are appointed by the Commissioner of the Department of Public Service and have the important role on the Board of representing the interests of  ratepayers.  The VEPP Inc. Board of Directors meets quarterly in open meetings.

VEPP Inc. is the Purchasing Agent for existing Public Utility Commission Rule 4.100 Projects.  VEPP Inc. is also the Standard Offer Facilitator for existing and new Standard Offer Projects.  Under these roles, VEPP Inc. acquires electric power from Vermont renewable resources and then distributes it to all 17 Vermont utilities on a pro rata basis.  VEPP Inc. manages a renewable power portfolio of nearly 100 MW.